I'm sure you have been surfing the web or calling around for quotes recently. Why choose S.W.A.T. over another business offering these services? Let me break down our window tinting and vehicle wrap services so you can better understand the difference in the level of service we provide here at S.W.A.T.

S.W.A.T. uses only state of the art technology. The highest quality materials will only be used on your vehicles, whether it's window film or vehicle wraps, because we believe quality begins with only the best materials. To secure customer satisfaction, each job will be completed by certified installers in their crafts. Being family owned and operated, we are able to be highly competitive in our pricing structure. To that point, we offer 100% price match guarantee on all written estimates. 

With 5800 square feet and growing when comparing our vehicle wraps and window tinting facility to our competitors here in Simi Valley we have the largest facility around. No cramped parking spots here! We have 15 parking spaces outside and room for over 13 vehicles inside our warehouse. We always have an ample amount of open spots so you don’t have to fret over getting damage to your vehicle just from parking when you arrive. Our shop area is always kept clean and is environmentally controlled so your vehicle is protected while in our possession. Having an environmentally controlled work area is critical to having a clean install. Let's look at just two of the services we specialize in here at S.W.A.T.

Window tinting:

We have all seen these low grade tint jobs driving around town haven’t we? Purple, bubbling, and peeling at times. Loads of contaminates trapped between the glass and the film resulting in poor adhesion and unsightly little bubbles. Those customers probably shopped around and chose a shop based on price alone or tried to do it themselves. They didn’t research or use a reputable installer with a quality film. They may have thought they were getting a great deal and it looked good when they left the shop that installed it but down the road they find out not all films or installations are created equal. It can be a costly mistake too. 

Reducing contamination during install is the most difficult thing to do during installation. This is what really sets apart a great installation from an average one. Installing window film is practically an art form. To do so you have to know how to clean and avoid contaminating the surface that its being applied to. Not only does it have to be perfectly clean, you have to know how to handle and move the film into place without touching anything! If you don’t you end up with these small bubbles that are very visible from the outside. It’s due to contaminates being trapped between the film and the glass surface.


Anyone can offer a lifetime warranty these days. At S.W.A.T. our service does not end at the point of sale. 3M, Armolan and LLumar window films carry manufacture based warranty meaning you can go to any of these dealers and get it corrected if you do encounter an issue. These manufacturers have lots of dealers all over the country and is very well respected in the industry so finding a location could not be any easier. Here at S.W.A.T. we record your VIN number as well as your license plate to ensure your concerns are met in the unlikely event there are issues with your window film.

Vehicle wraps:

With our brand new 2016 Roland TrueVIS VG series 64" printer/cutter we are ready for all of your large format printing needs. This Roland printer is designed with your end results in mind. Dynamic decals and labels. Brilliant banners. Striking signs. Powerful posters and vibrant printed vehicle graphics. With our 900 x 900 dpi, HD print quality isn't only possible, it's what you should expect. No other machine can offer you the Eco-friendly inks and substrates that are approved for all hospitals and governmental printing needs. TrueVIS INK is also GREENGUARD Gold certified and does not require and special ventilation or environmental equipment.

Printing is only one part of a successful printed vehicle graphic wrap. We also have the best heat assisted laminator available in our Royal Sovereign large format laminator. Our laminator is capable of 28 ft./min. Royal Sovereign uses the best silicone rollers in the market and as always uses the heaviest duty construction.

Commercial Wraps:

Vehicle advertising through fleet and mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing sources to grad the attention of your potential clients. We use 3M and Avery Dennison products for our vehicle wraps because of their unsurpassed quality and warranty structures for our clients. With our own creative graphics team, we are able to take your ideas and concepts and make them come to life on your vehicles. 

Interested in changing your vehicles color? Maybe you want to stand out from the crowd? Don’t want to spend weeks in a body shop? We are color change experts here at S.W.A.T. We have many options available from 3M, Avery, Arlon and Hexis at S.W.A.T. to do just that with an endless number of colors to choose from including brushed metals, chromed and carbon fiber.

No shortcuts here! Our installers go the extra mile to make sure not only does your installation look great but that it lasts too! Most shops will cut directly on your paint and cut between the gaps of your turn signals, headlights, and body panels so they can just tuck in the edges. This will have a huge impact on your wraps durability. It may look good the day it leaves the shop but long term it will suffer from exposure as water, dust, and road grime will penetrate the edges of the vinyl until they finally start to fail. At S.W.A.T. we remove headlights, taillights, door trim, mirrors and bumpers if necessary so our installs will last long term. In doing so we not only hide the edges of the vinyl, we move the edges to areas not only where they can’t be seen, but to areas the elements can’t get to them as easily. We also use knife-less tapes so no cuts happen against your paints delicate surfaces. We use edging tape to add extra protection from lifting and peeling due to exposure in high exposure areas. This may not be the fastest or cheapest way to install a wrap but if you are going to spend on a wrap would you want your installer to do it any other way?

Hopefully, you see SoCal Wrap and Tint believes that quality of service begins in materials, equipment you use and the quality of the installation. We will never allow quality to be an option it is a requirement and expectation!